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At Chimal Construction LLC, we expect everyone to do their best. We are fair, truthful and respectful to all individuals. We believe work should be enjoyable and personally satisfying. These principles have guided us since our establishment in 2013, as a minority own concrete construction company located in the heart of central Indiana. Our commitment to our clients is to provide them with the perfect team for their projects. Our clients love the work we do because we always do it with care and put all our efforts into their construction projects.

     Mission, Culture, values                         

At Chimal Construction LLC we have a mission to become an all-inclusive successful concrete construction company. We work every day to build a friendly and caring culture for our employees because their success is our success. 

Our goal is to make the construction process a rewarding experience for everyone involved. 

We value our customers and strive to harness long-lasting relationships with them. They are one of our most valuable assets along with our employees. Our employees feel pride in working for us and show up to work every day with success in their minds!